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Chess Programming

Chess Programming 

Young Royalty Chess Academy works with youth five years old and up. However, we also work with adults and seniors who wish to either learn chess or sharpen their cognitive abilities. 



In addition to chess lessons, we offer networking events, critical thinking events, demonstrational presentations, youth engagement lectures, and children engagement activities other than chess. No matter what service is requested we always keep the audience and organization in mind. We can adapt all programming and events to meet the need or idea in mind.




Before reading any further, please understand we offer scholarships and can make lessons as affordable as possible if needed. 


Our #1 priority is making sure students learn how to play. We never want cost to be a barrier to education.  Prices vary depending on context, need, and travel required.


Private Virtual Session: $30 an hour 

Additional $15 for each person on the call.


Classes for Schools/ Organizations: $50 an hour 

         (Depending on students registered) Additional $25 per hour


Please fill out here the class request form 

(No payment will be taken we will send you a payment request to the email you prefer, thank you!)